Welcome to the Town of Clearfield!

The web site for the Town of Clearfield, Juneau County, Wisconsin, will be an excellent resource for your community. If you are just passing through, spending the weekend or maybe deciding on staying a while, take a moment to see why the Town of Clearfield is such an enjoyable place to visit or live. Located in south central Juneau County, Wisconsin, camping, canoeing, boating, swimming, fishing, hiking, hunting and snowmobiling are just some of the recreational opportunities you will find here.

***New for 2019***

Please Note That the Town of Clearfield has a New Ambulance Service as of January 1st, 2019. The Town of Clearfield has signed a contract with Mauston Area Ambulance Association. For any Questions please feel free to contact the Town Clerk, Cindy Suzda at (608) 547-3543 or email at [email protected]

***Please Note Town Letter Change***

The town letter will be posted in the three locations and on this website. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Town Clerk, Cindy Suzda at (608) 547-3543 or email [email protected] 

*** Note To the Town of Clearfield Residents ***

Per the Town of Clearfield's Zoning Ordinance. Shipping Containers and Truck Boxes are NOT allowed in the Town of Clearfield. If you have any questions about this please contact the Zoning Administrator, Cindy Suzda at 608-547-3543 or [email protected]


***High Water Issue Updates can be viewed under Notices.***


***Dog Licensing***

All dogs, 5 months of age or older, must be immunized against rabies and licensed annually before April 1 of each year. If a dog owner fails to license their dog before April 1, a late fee of $5.00 per dog will be assessed. Proof of a Rabies Vaccination Certificate is required by the State before a license can be issued. Mail the Rabies Vaccination Certificate when licensing your dog as it contains all the necessary information needed to issue a license. Dog licenses for new dogs can be purchased from the Town Treasurer any time during the year. Individual dog license fees are:

  • $8.00 each for male or female
  • $3.00 each if the dog is neutered or spayed

Town of Clearfield has an Animal Ordinance and issues citations to persons not complying with Ordinance #5 Animal Controlling and Licensing. Not licensing your dog may result in a substantial fine. It is against the law to allow your dog and other animals to run at large.

***Camper Permits***

Camping is permitted from April 1 to December 1 of a calendar year. Permits are free of charge and can be acquired by contacting the Town Clerk at [email protected] or (608) 547-3543. Please provide your name, location of your parcel, and mailing address. The Camper Permits need to be renewed each year.


***Citizen of the Year***

Congratulations to Barb and Mike Kraus who has been selected as the Town of Clearfield Citizens of the Year for 2020!